Welcome to Rainham School for Girls BBC News School Report 2011.

Welcome to Rainham School for Girls BBC News School Report 2011.
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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sara's Report on Downing Street

I’m excited to tell you that something extraordinary amazing has just happened to me and a lovely girl named Lucy. We have just experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity. We, Lucy and I, went to see the priminister, David Cameron in number ten Downing Street on Thursday the 17th of March!!!

Firstly, the day started in pure shock and excitement as I’d forgotten I was going to see the Prime Minister. Until I realised we were going to see the Prime Minister I thought it was just going to be a normal day at Rainham School for Girls (not that this is a bad thing), so when I did eventually remember (it didn’t take long as it is one of those things you’ll remember for ever) I started screaming and jumping up and down!!! When I eventually calmed down I got ready so quickly that I nearly forgot half my things. I was so desperate to get there, as the longer I waited the more the nerves bit at me anxiously and harshly Scared of what might happen.
Eventually we left the house and set of for the historical and wonderful London (I wish I lived in London as I would love to learn all the history buried beneath the delicate stone walls). It took about twenty minutes to arrive at Rainham train station. I waited about five, ten minutes munching away at a pack of mega Monster Munch when Lucy arrived looking scared, shocked and very, very excited .Then I sat waiting on the floor whilst Lucy sat in her dad’s nice and warm car until finally Mrs Woolley arrived and she said she had parked her car right at the end of the car park ,so it must be very busy.

I was right, when I eventually peered through the open metal doors of Rainham train station I saw it was bustling with people, so it was very hard to find a few seats of which we could all sit together, though in the end me and Lucy sat together whilst Mrs wooley sat only within a distance of two metres away.

Ten minutes later Lucy and I were still sitting down talking nervously about how we felt to have been chosen for this one of a life time experience when we suddenly heard this groaning sound and realised it was the train (at last!!!)

Yeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!! At last we are off the train, I don’t know what made me more nervous, was it when we waiting for the train or was it when we were on the train? Lucy personally feels it was when we were waiting for the train and all the walking to and from Downing Street.
I am now very nervous as we are about to meet children from all the sixteen regions around the UK just to see David Cameron. So when we finished touring London we set off to a really nice , large building of which we were to enter for a meeting with BBC news reporters and journalists .
After a very long meeting including a rehearsal with a man from Five Live who pretended to be Mr Cameron, we set off on a journey to Downing Street to have a tour of the wonderful Downing Street.

Wow, I nearly had a Heart attack as just as we were about to interview David Cameron in Downing Street he just came jumping through the door and Lucy nearly screamed. She was so surprised that after she jumped she burst out laughing and it took a while to stop her.
Oh, sadly the day is about to end I’m really going to miss everyone and I know that I will remember this day and all the wonderful people forever and forever though I am so happy Lucy got chosen to come.

Sara, BBC News School Reporter

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