Welcome to Rainham School for Girls BBC News School Report 2011.

Welcome to Rainham School for Girls BBC News School Report 2011.
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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor 1932 - 2011

This is a report about the one and only Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who was born in London on the 27th of February 1932. Her parents were Francis and Sara Taylor. Francis Taylor was an art dealer and Sara was a former actress and she retired in 1926 when she and Francis got married in New York. Also she has a brother called Howard Taylor who was born in 1929. She began as a child star and then carried on through her adulthood and she became known for her acting talent, glamour and beauty. Elizabeth Taylor has two sons by Michael Wilding, a daughter by Michael Todd and an adopted daughter.

She was considered one of the great on screen actresses of Hollywood golden age. Also Elizabeth Taylor was seventh on the female legend’s list in America. September 18, 1941, Universal Pictures signed Elizabeth to a six-month renewable contract at $100 a week. Universal cancelled her contract just after her tenth birthday in 1942 and in October Metro Mayer signed her to $100 a week for 3 months to appear as Priscilla in the film ‘Lassie Come Home.’ Elizabeth Taylor's first leading role was that of Velvet Brown in the film National Velvet in 1944 alongside Mickey Rooney. National Velvet was a great hit with the public and made over $4m. Attending school she received a diploma from Los Angeles University High School on January 26th in 1950, this was the same year that she had her first marriage, at the age of 18. In the ten years between 1950 and her first Academy Award, she was nominated for a number of roles including Raintree County in 1957, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in 1958 with Paul Newman, Last Summer in 1959 with Katharine Hepburn. In 1963, the first $1m role for an actress was her's for the title role in the film Cleopatra. The film was for 20th Century Fox and this was when she first worked with Richard Burton her fifth and sixth husband. He played Mark Antony in the film. They began an affair during the making of the film despite both being married to others at that time. This was the main reason why some considered Elizabeth Taylor the "Scarlet Woman." Elizabeth Taylor was to win her first Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Butterfield in 1980. This film co-starred her then husband Eddie Fisher.

She had 8 marriages in her life she performed in 50 different movies and has won 2 Oscars and made a fortune of £360 million.

Elizabeth Taylor has been in many films but here are two films that she performed in. Her first ever film was called’ Lassie Came Home’ in 1943 and her last ever film was in 2001 and was called The Flintstones.

The famous Elizabeth Taylor tragically died yesterday which was the 23rd of March I 2011 she was 79. She died at Los Angeles, California, at the local Hospital Cadars Sinair Medical centre, from heart failure .Her children Michael wilding, Christopher Wilding, Lisa Todd and Maria urton was around her when she passed away.

Her son Michael Wilding speaks words about his mother and says: "My mother was an extraordinary woman, who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humour, and love. Though her loss is devastating to those of us who held her so close and so dear. We will always be inspired by her enduring contribution to our world."

By News Reporters
Emily, Erin, Rosie and Courtney

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